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What is MOEO?

by Adam Ayers on October 19th, 2011

I moved to LA in February to work on MOEO with Andy Moeck.  I was introduced to Andy by his sister Trish, she and I had a few classes together at ASU and she thought I’d get along well with Andy.  I reached out to Andy when we started Arkayne and he saw a lot of potential in the technology to solve problems they had been trying to solve with ADISN.  They ended up licensing the Arkayne technology and we began to build a business and personal relationship.  Andy first told me about his concept for MOEO back in 2010.  He told me tried the concept out but that SMS wasn’t advanced enough for it to really work.  The second Andy explained his concept for Hit-no-Hit my mind went crazy imagining all the possibilities an entire platform dedicated to making really fun games that anyone (not just intense sports fans) can play and enjoy while watching a live sports game.

So what is MOEO?

Our Vision

Sports fans love sports because they are competitive by nature, but simply watching a sport isn’t individually competitive. The way fans consume sporting events has changed with the advent of always connected mobile devices – MOEO is changing the dynamic from my team vs. your team to me vs. you while watching our teams. In the future sports fans will engage in their favorite sports and teams in a much more socially interactive and individually competitive way!

Our Solution

MOEO develops real-time mobile games that allow friends to compete against each other during sporting events. What sets us apart is that all of our games are made to be so simple that you can play them with one thumb after drinking three beers. This makes our games fun and contagious for sports enthusiasts and opens up our reach to a much larger casual audience allowing someone who is just becoming acquainted with the sport to jump in on the fun and begin playing our games with their friends.

Our Demo

I’ve included a demo video for our first game Hit-no-Hit below, I look forward to hearing everyone’s thoughts and feedback!

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